Lifestyle is the foundation of health and it is the foundation of Ayurveda. There are three important pieces of information that must be known in order to call something Ayurveda; constitution of the patient, present nature of the patient, and nature of the medicine. The constitution of a person refers to the balance of the three doshas in the body at the moment of conception. The is your original state, as original as we can get. Each of us has our own unique balance of the three doshas in our bodies and minds. The doshas are composed of the elements; earth, water, fire, air, and ether. Vata dosha is made up of air and ether. Pitta dosha is made up of fire and water. Kapha dosha is made up of water and earth. The first step in approaching an ayurvedic journey is to understand your constitution or your dominant dosha. Your dosha or constitution defines your physical and emotional nature and provides a look at your tendencies. Through understanding your body structure and your physical and emotional tendencies, you can begin to understand yourself and how you relate to the world around you.
The present nature of a person refers to the balance of the three doshas in the body right now. The present balance is rarely exactly the same as the person’s constitution. This is because the three doshas are strongly affected by the environment we find ourselves in and how we live our lives. Our environment includes anything we are exposed to through our five senses. Our lifestyle includes our daily routines and the stresses that we face in our daily lives. Together what we take in and how we live, alter the state of the three doshas and creates our current state.
The nature of the medicine refers to an understanding of how a medicine interacts with the balance of energies in the body and mind. Medicine from an Ayurvedic perspective is that which will restore the proper balance of the three doshas. Medicine includes all substances found in nature as well as how we live our lives. Medicine includes foods, herbs, colors, sound, aromas, touch and daily lifestyle. One of the goals of Ayurveda is to create an environment around you that supports your full potential. The initial consultation will determine your dominant dosha or constitution, your tendencies or imbalances, and begin a lifestyle plan to bring you more into balance with your dosha. Follow up appointments include; daily routines and practices, guidelines to healthy eating, meditation, yoga, five sense therapies, etc. It’s recommended that a patient come once a week for 4-6 weeks, then biweekly, then seasonally or as needed. If you are not in Cleveland area on line appointments can be made below.

Private Consultations

$100/initial consult | $75 follow-up

(in-home or on line)


$75/hour+ travel if applicable

Reiki is a natural healing technique which uses a gentle laying on of hands. The word Reiki means Universal energy. You already have this energy inside you, in this workshop you will learn how to channel and give the energy to another. Level I is a reawakening. Reiki is very powerful, yet very gentle energy which has been known to help virtually every known illness of body, mind and Spirit. Reiki does NOT replace traditional medicine but adds another piece to the treatment process. People with stress, anxiety, pain, headaches, sleep, eating, and immune system disorders are reporting great relief after receiving Reiki.